Last night was, in two words, a whirlwind. Once I was off of work I bent the speed limit, thoughts of what was to come were all that crossed my mind. I took the old bridge as the sun set on the river: the brown water more tranquil than days past.

I jumped in the shower first thing, much to my mother’s annoyance. I gashed open my knee and had to dry off carefully. By the time my make up was on and I’d changed clothes twice I texted Dakota. He didn’t even realize we were meeting. Face, meet palm. He was still hanging out with the friend, he’d get back to me. I was already going downtown to deposit my paycheck and had to invite Kristina out to Third. Time with her is always good; I hope she thinks the same of me.

She finished her corn on the cob as I scarfed down a burger meal. Feeling sufficiently full, I turned back towards downtown once more. Kristina arrived about twenty minutes after me; she joined Ashley and I outside. I was talking to Dave as she showed her ID to the bouncer: he kept loudly saying date to the point I had to call him on it. She and I moved to the bar before watching Ashley nearly defeat Jesus at pool: this is no easy task.

The creep in the red cap kept staring at us; though it was unnerving, this gave us a shared bonding experience. This is the only that a leery guy could bring about sex, just not for him. Though sex did not take place, I suspect that after entertaining her my chance are rather looking good.

When Dakota finally got back to me he asked a favor: bring Una from the bar to Taylor’s. Once I found her, deep in conversation with Trovillo, it was difficult to tear her away. Luckily Aaron was waiting outside to take her instead.

My body buzzed in anticipation on the drive to Dakota: finally we would have the sex it felt like we’d waited years to share. We visited with his company on the porch, seated in the same chairs we had before the show the evening before. Una and Aaron departed first; all but the two of us, the residents, and two guys from the sausage party remained.

They went upstairs; Dakota followed to say goodnight. When he came back down he found me more than ready to go. We disrobed enough to make our initial contact easier as things quickly heated up. Our lips met in a frenzy,  more feverish than nights past, Soon he was unbuttoning and unzipping my pants with his thick, deft fingers; my underwear quickly joined them in a pile on the floor. My shirt and bra were pulled off as he kissed and nipped at my flushed chest.

Our bodies finally joined, my weight holding his length inside me; we let out contented sighs. He let me set the pace, moving his hips with mine. We shifted into another position with him kneeling against my legs, bent slightly against his chest. The position felt better for us both. He used our shared weight to push deeper inside me. I ceased to care how loud I moaned. I orgasmed twice when he took me from behind; we lie there in the afterglow between each bout.

Even when he was breathing passionate words into my ear and gathered my hair in his grasp he managed to keep me feeling in control. His touch was tender and rough and I couldn’t get enough of him. Afterward he massaged my back with his magic hands, making me want his assistance getting me off again. We took turns picking music until we were as drained as my iPhone. 

I dreamed I was hiding Sean in my dorm, somehow located near our workshop. We were desperate to keep him on the move to avoid his removal from the campus. He didn’t want me, even in my own dreams. The landscape bled into a doctor’s office where I was being told that I had to delay my abortion. At this point I was at least ten weeks in; the thought of dilation terrified me. I awoke shaking and backed into Dakota’s comforting embrace. He took me into his arms; I found that he was asleep during this and drifted back to join him. Even in his sleep, he soothed my mind and body.

When awoke again he was sitting at the edge of the bed, packing. By the time my alarm went off at 9:15 we were deep in conversation about his coming flight on Frontier airlines, We joked about their terrible online reviews. 

I gave him a final kiss before we walked into the living room… to discover the two friends asleep on the sectional. We probably had an audience to our coupling; I was only slightly embarrassed, but I’m sure Dakota was pleased his buddies had heard him get a girl off four plus times through the wall. Pretty sure I screamed his name each time which he loved; there was no mistaking who was in there.

Betty informed me as I penned this that the guys are heavy sleepers and we disturbed no one. I may or may not be kind of disappointed now. 

Dakota hugged me once more as we parted on the porch. I asked him a few hours ago, flirtingly, if he missed me yet. Maybe was his reply. I’ll take a maybe. 

I’m still deciding whether I should meet Dennis to wrap up my evening. He already failed one test by turning down my invitation to Rocky Horror, because it’s “not his thing”. He’s incredibly eager to get in my pants, making me wonder if this me when Dakota told me to chill. The guy is already asking after my “spots”. He wants to park. Wow. Are we teenagers in a cheesy slasher flick, here?

He’s into adventurous outdoor/public sex. Intriguing. I may actually get laid tonight. Lucky guy. As we’ve texted I’ve decided he might be worth my time.

Less than twenty minutes until I can leave: every second is dragging. Adam just started messaging me again. He said he deactivated his profile a few weeks ago, but didn’t want to leave me hanging after confiding in him so much. Is this the true reason he resumed contact with me?


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