It’s a sad reality that, in our world today, those that stand up for the rights of others are often attacked.

The attached image was posted in the Facebook group Funny Memes, of which I was a member. Until late last night, when it was no longer safe.

I confronted the poster and those laughing at or supporting the post. In response I received over thirty unsolicited messages in my Messenger inbox threatening, harassing, and insulting me. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of these meninist keyboard warriors were men; the part I found particularly disturbing is that a few of those messages were from women. Women defending men who believe they are inferior, objects for the enjoyment and servitude of men.

This experience has been a telling example of how ignorant people support those who are against their interests.

I’ve had a two men offer to help me only to end up hitting on me and trying to dictate what I do with my life. You’re not an ally, you’re a fuckboy and your fake concern is just as bad as telling me to get back in the kitchen. You obviously also think I’m something to be possessed, not someone to be respected.

I have deactivated my Facebook account until things die down. though I am unsure how long the attention span of a sexist creep is, they hopefully have other cretinous things to do.




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